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The History of the Rollerball

This article will be a brief survey of the history of the rollerball pen, with a specific focus on its invention and the part played by the Japanese pen company Ohto.

Ohto is largely credited with inventing the first rollerball pen. The company has been in existence since 1929, but in 1964 Ohto released the world's first water-based ballpoint ink pen. This is generally considered the first rollerball, as the defining characteristic of a rollerball is accepted to be the use of a water-based (instead of oil-based) ink.

Ohto Rollerballs

What follows is a list of some of the top Ohto rollerball pens of all time....

Model Tip Type Top Feature
Fude Needle Disposable 1.5mm tip
Eau Conical Refillable Executive styling
Liberty Conical Refillable Luxury pen body
C-305P Refill Conical Refill Ceramic ball

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